• Southland Hair

    Southland Hair

    Jason Rutledge, Tim Boys, Jason Kawau, Pehi TeWhare
  • Tana Umaga

    Tana Umaga

    Tana Umaga - the most recognizable dreads in world rugby
  • Mullet


    Hawkes Bay's Trent Boswell-Wakefield
  • Branco duPreez, South Africa 7s

    Branco duPreez, South Africa 7s

Finding the aesthetic moment

Ex-All Black Jason Eaton stretches for the ball in a lineout in Taranaki’s first game of the 2012 ITM Cup season. Ordinarily, we’re interested in the growth of his beard and whether there’s been any shaping but this week it was something altogether more visceral.

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Taranaki’s new concept jersey

Back in May Taranaki Rugby sought the fans feedback for a new concept playing jersey. The thought was good but we thought they should have gone further. It would be an away jersey that was used for games against teams who have a similar colour combination to the traditional amber and black hoops, namely Bay […]

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ITM Cup refs up their game

Referees are usually decked out in some average gear but New Zealand’s ITM Cup officials have made an effort (or just grabbed some left over All Blacks kit). New rules are being trialled in the competition this year and they come with new playing kits. The alternative strip is white with black trim.

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Taranaki’s beard-boys

the 2012 Taranaki ITM Cup team is a very strong unit. They have quality all over the park. They also sport some of the most memorable beards Captain Jason Eaton has been an aficionado for some time. Eaton’s Beard has a ‘Come-to-Jesus’ feel about it. Fullback Andre Taylor has gone with a cheeky little under-the-chin […]

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Canterbury shorts shocker


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New concept jersey for Taranaki

I was critical of the last attempt by Canterbury to bring some identity to the Taranaki rugby jersey. They are not a very expansive, progressive company in this area. They tend to go for a cookie-cutter design and just apply team colours. This works for some teams and not for others. Check out their recent […]

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Attractive, quick and skillful – Women’s Sevens

The England women’s sevens team won the final at the … in Hong Kong over the weekend and they did it with grace, speed, strength and a real passion for the game. They dispatched a gutsy Australian side with a clinical execution. The Brazilians were u for a party as well – bring on Rio […]

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